Start your watchmaking journey

Building an automatic watch might seem daunting - we set out to change that. With our DIY kits every watch fan can build their own automatic watch!

Our kits are designed to be assembled without any prior knowledge and they contain all the tools and parts needed to complete your watch. You will receive a detailed instructions booklet and access to our step-by-step video instructions.

During the assembly, you will have access to experienced watchmakers to help you out with any questions - and we guarantee that each of our kits results in a watch on your wrist!

Now live on kickstarter

The Mayfair

Our new watch kit is now available on Kickstarter. We want to offer our early supporters a strong discount, so you can secure the Mayfair for Summer Sale prices (while the early bird offers last).

You can check out the campaign and the Mayfair with the link below.

How to build your own watch

Become a watchmaker

Working on a mechanical watch can be complicated and challenging. We started Watch Supply to change that!

We offer you a comprehensive, high-quality DIY kit with a set of detailed, step-by-step instructions for the assembly. You will receive a fulsome printed booklet with more than 50 close-up pictures and in addition, you will have access to our recorded watchmaker videos. In these HD videos, we show you how to install a dial on a movement. set your hands and insert your mechanism into your case.

Parts from a British watchmaker

Our kits are developed in partnership with independent British watchmaker FINK Watches, a member of the Alliance of British Watch & Clock Makers.


Watch kits

Our kits are designed to be as straight forward as possible to ensure everyone can build our kits with a steady hand, a bit of patience and our full instructions (see DIY guide). If you are unsure if the kit is suitable you can take a look at the instructions before you order or please reach out to us, if you have any questions.

Simple answer: no. Our kits contain all tools and consumables needed to assemble your watch. And these are not just disposable low quality tools, but you can use them for any future repairs or modifications.

Also, you won't require any prior knowledge. The instructions are step by step and start at the very beginning, explaning all parts and tools involved. If you should have any questions you can always reach out to our technical support via Whatsapp or Email (see contact page).

About us

We are a UK watch shop founded on the idea of bringing the experience of watch making to watch enthusiasts around the world. For that we partnered up with FINK, an independent watch maker in London. They provide the parts for our kits and the instructions with additional technical support, if you have any questions during the assembly.

Customer service is important to us and we will do everything we can to ensure you will enjoy shopping with us and assembling the kit. For this we are always available via our contact formular and you can also send us a whatsapp message at any time. In addition, we guarantee that you will have a watch at the end of your assembly: if your watch is not working or you are stuck and dont want to finish, please reach out to us and we will finish or fix your watch free of charge (international shipment fees apply). The only exemption to this free service is if the movement or case are irreperable damaged and require replacement (maximum charge GBP 49 and only after consultation with you).


We supply our watch kits all across the UK and European Union. Packages are send via Royal Mail to arrive fast and savely at your door step. UK shipments are free of charge and include all relevant taxes in the price shown. For EU orders we add a shipping fee of GBP 29. Please note that sales outside of the UK exclude VAT (which is deducted automatically from the product price at the checkout). However, you will be charged local VAT taxes and potentially import duties (depending on your country). These will be collected by the logistic provider.

We aim to send out packages as soon as possible and usually not later than 1 business day after your purchase. From the moment we hand over your kit to the logistic provider, the length of the journey will depend on your location. For UK shipments you should expect 2 business days, while EU orders usually take 4 to 5 business days.

Free shipping

Free shipping on all our products directly from our London offices to your home. For our UK customers that means no extra costs and with you in just 2-3 business days.

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