Take a seat on our watchmaker benches and build your own watch

Welcome to our workshop

Join us for an afternoon in our workshop and learn how automatic watches work and assemble your own automatic watch from our wide range of components to take home with you.

Our seminars include all components and tools needed for your to build your own automatic watch right on our benches. During the seminar, you will have access to our detailed video instructions and our experienced team of watchmakers to answer any questions.

New dates available below for July to September.

A Day like no other - Our watchmaking live event

Visit our workshop

We open our doors for you! Welcome to the Workshop of FWM, experience our watches, review components and pick the parts for your own project

Watchmaking Theory

Find out how a watch movement works - we will dissect a movement in our presentation and explain the function of the various components

Create your design

Select your components from our wide range of parts, incl. movement, hands, case, dial and strap to find the unique look for your own watch!

Build your watch

Take a seat at our own watchmaker benches and assemble your own watch!Our detailed video instructions and experienced watchmakers will guide you through the process.

Learn more about Movements and British watchmaking

In our presentation we will walk you through hundreds of years of watchmaking history, and explore how we arrived at the current form of watch movements.

Afterwards, we will dive into a movement and take it apart. Using the ST-3600, we will review the individual components, their role in the movement and their interaction to form a working timekeeping mechanism.

After the introduction, you will have an understanding on how mechanical movements work and it is time to start the assembly of your own watch.

It was fantastic. A lovely setup and very friendly people on hand to give me assistance with little tips and tricks on how to get the various bits and pieces together.

Peter S.

What is included in the seminar?

Everything you need for the day incl. tools, components and instructions to build a watch and to take it home with you.

The watch components you choose can be one of the designs from our shop or you can pick individual parts to design your dream watch (subject to availability and compatibility). You can start browsing our range via the link below.

The seminar also includes our full watchmaking tool kit which will allow you to assemble any of our watchmaking kits during or after the seminar. This kit has been specifically designed for our kits and contains all the tools you will need!

Please note that for GMT watches and solid bronze cases an additional fee is required.

Upcoming seminars and availability

Our summer schedule is here. All seminars are Saturdays, starting at 1.00PM

  • 18th May - sold out
  • 1st June - sold out
  • 8th June - sold out
  • 22th June

NEW Autumn Schedule:

  • 6th July
  • 13th July
  • 20th July
  • 3rd August
  • 10th August
  • 7th September
  • 14th September
  • 21st September

The Details

The Seminar

The seminar includes all tools and watch components to build your own watch. After the seminar you can take the watch as well as the tools home with you.

You can choose your components at the start of the seminar to build your dream design (please note that GMT and solid bronze kits require an additional fee/premium variant).

The day will start with a short introduction in our showroom. You will have plenty of time to examine some of our finished watches to get an idea for your own design. Afterwards we will go through all the components needed for your watch and its up to you to pick your favourites.

Once all guests have received their components it is time to take a seat at our watchmaker benches. Starting with an introduction to Watchmaking History, we will explore the functionality of a mechanical watch movement.

Afterwards the assembly starts. Each guest will have their own bench, tools and tablet loaded with watch instructions to build a watch at their own speed.

We expect that the entire seminar will take about four hours.

Please note that we accept rebookings and cancellations only until two days (48 hours) before the seminar due to the small number of available places.

If you need to rebook the seminar due to an emergency, please inform us as early as possible and we will try to find a solution.

Our Facilities

Join us at our new watchmaking studio in central Islington (N7), just off Caledonian Road (Piccadilly line). We will send you the full details after booking.

We recommend taking the tube if you are from London. Our studio is just a 5 minute walk away from Caledonian Road Tube Station (Piccadilly line), one station behind Kings Cross.

Please note that we have no dedicated parking spaces available. However, there is roadside parking around the building available during the weekend.

Secure parking for bicycles is available (free).

Please note that our studio is on the first floor with no lift access and is not accessible via wheelchair.


You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.