Building your own watch

Step by Step Guide

Below you will find the individual video instructions for your kit. Please ensure you select the right video for your model as the assembly steps might differ between the watches. The password for your video is on the leaflef in your kit.

Diver One - Ref. 23111

Bronze Diver (CuSn8) Ref. 23115

Diver 36mm Ref. 23116

The Orca Ref. 23114

Diver TWO - Ref. 23121

Diver ONE GMT - Ref. 23117-19

Mayfair - Ref. 24411

Mayfair Phantom Ref. 24431

Mayfair GMT - Ref. 24421

Toolwatch - Ref. 24231/241

Global Explorer - Ref. 24251

Stirling Pilot - Ref. 24511-14


Bronze Diver (2023)

**Please note this instruction is NOT for the CuSn8 Bronze kit**

Steel Bracelets