Watchmaking experience (London) - Summer bookings
Watchmaking experience (London) - Summer bookings
Watchmaking experience (London) - Summer bookings
Watchmaking experience (London) - Summer bookings

Watchmaking experience (London) - Summer bookings

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Please note that this is a booking and no physical goods will be delivered to your address. We need a shipping address for tax reasons. If you can't provide a UK shipping address, please get in touch before booking or use our shop address (39-41 North Road, N79DP London). 

**Summer pricing applies for all bookings until August, subject to availability**

Join us for an afternoon of watchmaking in our London workshop and benefit from our summer pricing! 

On the weekends, our benches are open to watch fans: Visit our workshop,explore our watch collections and range of components and assemble your own automatic watch.

Once you have chosen your components, we will explore the origin and history of watchmaking and dive into a mechanical movement. After an explanation of the various components and how they interact, you will gain an understanding of how a movement works.

Afterwards, it is time to open your watchmaking tool kit, receive your watch components and start the assembly of your own automatic watch with our detailed instruction videos. Throughout our team of trained watchmakers will be availalble to offer advice and help!

To book the seminar, please select a suitable date via "Schedule your time", which should automatically bring you to the next available data. Our full schedule of dates is available here.

Please note this seminar takes place in our workshop, close to Caledonian Road station (N7 9DP). We can easily be reached via public transport and you will receive an E-mail with instructions on how to find us a few days before the seminar. 

What is included in the seminar

Included in your booking is your choice of watch components, our full watchmaking tool kit and your seat on our benches for the day.

After the seminar, toolkit and watch are yours to take home - together with the unique experience of building your watch.

Please note that more expensive components (solid bronze kits, GMT movements) require the premium option.

Booking process

Please select a date available by clicking on "Schedule your time" to book your seat. You will receive a confirmation email from our system as well as a message from us.

Close to the seminar date, we will send you additional details on how to find us (the location of the seminar is our HQ in N7 9DP).

If you are booking for multiple seats, please book seperately (you will need one bench per person joining us on the day).