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Our team of watchmakers

With over half a century of combined watchmaking experience, our FWM team is available to answer all your questions and to guide you through the assembly of your watch - online or in our workshop!

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From a watchmaking company...

A few years ago, we started a small watchmaking company to assemble watches in our London workshop, today known as Fink Watch Manufacturing. Our concept was simple, create interessting watches and assemble them in our workshop, ensuring quality work at fair prices.

After a while, we had another idea: Why not also offer watch fans the chance to complete the assembly at home and build their own automatic watch, benefitting from our knowledge and development of parts.

... To the launch of Watch Supply!

We already had a great range of watch components developed and worked together with some of the largest watch part manufacturers in the world. But to allow our customers to build their own watch, we would need two more things:

A) A comprehensive tool kit that contains everything we would usually use in our workshop (except the bench of course) in a box we could share with our customers

B) Detailed step-by-step tutorials to guide you through the process: We recorded a full video guide and wrote a detailed textbook, now included in all our kits. The books additionally include sections on British watchmaking history as well as an introduction to how mechanical watches work.

Today we are the UK's leading watchmaking store for watchmaking starter kits

Offering you an exceptional experience at your home or in our workshop in London, every watch fan can now build their own automatic watch with our starter kits.

They are designed to be assembled without any prior knowledge and contain all the tools and parts needed to complete your project within 2-3 hours.

In addition to our kits, we also offer a unique live experience in our workshop in London, inviting you to join us. Take a seat at our watchmaker benches, learn about mechanical movements and assemble your own watch in a small group of enthusiasts.

A look inside

Our full watchmaking starter kits

Everything you need to build your own automatic watch, including tools, instructions and components.