Our new workshop - more space for watch fans!

Our new workshop - more space for watch fans!

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It feels just a few weeks ago that we started to offer a visit to our workshop, but a lot has happened since. Following a period of consntant improvements, feedback from our visitors and watchmakers, and of course some lessons learned, we have now moved into a larger space and incorporated many things to ensure a unique experience.

Step into the world of watchmaking

Perhaps the most obvious change has been an update to our capacity. As we are now a team of three, we could increase the number of people visiting our shop for each event. We therefore increased our number of benches to a total of six bookable benches, available each second weekend in our seminars.

All our benches follow the same approach and set up - electronically height adjustable to ensure everyone can sit comfortably, individual set-ups for the assembly including lamps, magnifiers, tablets with instructions to ensure each bench can be used as a seperate assembly space at an individual speed and for individual models.

A wider range than ever before

When we started out with just one type of dial available in 4 colours, the goal was always to expand our range as quickly as possible to enable everyone to build their individual dream watch with us.

By now we have dozens of parts available in our shop enabling hundreds of combinations and this number is growing every month. Why? Because when you start watchmaking and you take the time and make the effort to build your own watch you should be able to build the time piece that carries your idea of an ideal watch within it! That has been our philosophy and this principle will continue to guide our decission making on the range of parts available.

Lastly, we also wanted to offer customers a place to swing by and pick up their kits in person. If you are based in London, please get in touch and we can usually offer you a pick-up slot on the weekend to ensure you can take your kit home with you.

You can contact us via Hello@watch-supply.co.uk or via our contact form on the start page.

And while we could post many more pictures from our shop, we will have to end this post here. If you would like to visit our workshop and join us for an afternoon, please take a look at the watchmaking event page.

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